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Multi surfaced plastfilling

Filling, small cheek tooth (premolar) on two surfaces     750,-     850,-
Filling, large cheek tooth (molar) on three surfaces  1.200,-  1.500,-
Crown of metal with burnt porcelain (MK-crown) without tacks and construction  5.775,-  6.600,-
Root canal treatment (fixed subsidy from The Health Insurance in Denmark)    
Root canal treatment in front tooth (excl. filling)     950,-  1.250,-
Root canal treatment in three canals, cheek tooth (excl. filling)  2.950,-  3.950,-
Bridge (3 couplings)    
Replacement for a tooth of metal with burnt porcelain without tacks and construction  18.000,-  20.500,-
Operation,  wisdom tooth (fixed subsidy from The Health Insurance in Denmark)    
Operable removal of a  wisdom tooth (not extraction)       600,-    2.500,-
Local anaesthetization    
One local anaesthetization       139,-       350,-