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Tooth Bleaching is a cosmetic treatment that makes your teeth more white. The color of the teeth change with age and after what we consume of beverages and foods. It is common knowledge that red wine, coffee and smoking discolor our teeth. But the color change can also be hereditary or due to a medical condition. Whatever the reason, tooth bleaching can make your teeth several shades lighter, giving the person a beautiful smile.
It is however important to note the following:
  • You can not bleach crowns and fillings
  • You should not have holes in untreated teeth (dental caries) because bleach can penetrate and destroy the profession.

People with discolored teeth can usefully have bleached their teeth. You can not go from a very dark color to absolutely with white teeth, but two to three shades lighter can also make a big difference. At approx. 22% of the population, there will be no effect, and people with allergies should not use bleach without consulting a doctor first. White teeth gives a healthy appearance, draws attention away from the smile wrinkles and may even give the person more confidence.

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