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A crown is a replacement of the natural tooth crown and can be described as a hat, put down over the existing tooth or are attached to an implant. Crown cover only the part of the tooth, which is visible, ie. the gums. Crowns can be made of many different materials and in all shades of tooth color. What material is best will depend on which tooth it is and the state of the tooth. Furthermore, it is well known that the material preferred by each dentist is very individual.

A bridge is a replacement of natural teeth. A bridge replaces multiple teeth and are fixed to existing teeth or implants that are screwed into the jaw bone. Bridges can be made in different lengths depending on how many teeth to be replaced. 
At T. Hamilton, we are working closely together with a local dental technician situated nearby the clinic, which means that the patients route from the clinic to the technician and vica versa is quick and easy.
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