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Most of us have one or more fillings in the teeth. The purpose of a filling is to stop the development of a caries attack in a tooth. The filling can be made in several different materials and shapes depending on the hole to fill.
A filling is required when the hole in the tooth has reached a certain size. Small holes do not always need a filling as the natural generated spittle in the mouth will be able to patch small holes by itself.
Caries can occur anywhere in the teeth, but it most commonly occurs between the teeth, the chewing surfaces of the teeth kind or at the edges of crowns or fillings not being fully closed.
There are several advantages of a filling:
  • You can keep your natural tooth
  • The poor development in the tooth is stopped
  • Possible pain in the tooth will cease
There will be cases where a hole can be so large that a filling can not resolve the problem, and where the optimal solution will be a crown. This is described elsewhere on this site.
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